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CSEP Advertising and Retail is an informative trade publication department of the Organization recently which truly represents the needs of our client's retail marketing needs by providing services odf catalogues , features and information designed to inspire and assist retailers to improve their business. At CSEP we offer an integrated set of services , specifically designed and manufactured to meet the needs of retail-focused market Another specialty of this division is the Image editing service

CSEP offers exceptional photo/picture editing services to create fine and perfect images to the core. Our photo editing services include advanced photo cutouts/clipping, balancing brightness, repairing scratches, creases, remove spots, figure/feature correction etc. With our skilled online photo editing services, we can revamp the life of your old pictures. We can also repair seriously damaged pictures and make them platform ready (print or web).

Core Expertise

  • Retail marketing Strategy
  • Brand Identity and Graphics
  • Catalogue design
  • Shopper marketing
  • Retail counters
  • Prototyping

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